The Soul Sap Quivers, 2015

In The Soul Sap Quivers, I utilize still images and video to explore the eternal moment; the colliding and unity of past, present, and future. Created upon returning after a 20-year hiatus to my hometown, the pieces reflect the sensation of being a stranger in a familiar place. Reconciling the void left by people that although no longer corporeal, endure in ephemera and fragments of memory.

The Intersection of the Timeless Moment and Between Freezing and Melting are meditations on the breath and heartbeat. Life forces that bind and pull us apart. Untitled (SS#1-3) are generated from slides found in the office of the artist’s late grandfather.  They are unidentified remnants of his research work at Eastman Kodak Company. Recordings of electricity are captured on film. These images are reworked to create formal compositions that embrace conductive elements that make us human.

Intersection of the Timeless Moment

Between Breathing and Melting

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