Alysia Kaplan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rochester, NY. She holds a BFA in Contemporary Illustrative Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a MFA in Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

I document our conscious and unconscious desires while negotiating and navigating the private and public. Observing moments that serve as liminal spaces, I explore intuitive responses to my process in the form of recorded acts of memory and constructed spaces. 
Using photography, print, sculpture and video, I examine constructs of space, the self, memory and the gaze. I am continually exploring the varied ways we “see,” dependent on language, narrative and context. Not seeking to “define,” but rather lend a possible read to these moments.
 Language of image, juxtaposition, layering, and re recording expand meaning and perception.  I immerse myself in this concept and  apply in my art  encoded information, and the creation of non-linear and abstract associations involving the "perceptual event" of experiencing signs and signifiers—as static and moving images.

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