Million$House, 2009-ongoing

During the 90’s there was a housing boom (and consequent bust). Homeowners searching for their now seemingly attainable perfect residence. As I watched larger and more ostentatious houses being built in my neighborhood I had to ask, “Is the home an extension of the dweller, or were these constructions just idealized notions of a life not lived?”
A home is not defined by its structure but by the lives that fill it. If a house costs a million dollars, who inhabits the space, and what kind of dwelling can be had for a million dollars in Michigan, California, or Vermont? Culling from the New York Sunday Times article ‘What You Can Get for A Million Dollars In…’ the series Million$ House reduces these homes to pure graphic space emphasizing the empty void a home is reduced to when looked at as pure commodity separate from human experience. The series continues with the Sunday Times articles ‘What You Can Get for A Half Million Dollars In…’  and most recently “What You Get...” Physical space and phenomenological value do not fluctuate, the market does.
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